It only seems logical that when you improve your thoughts you improve your confidence. So why don’t we do it? Milton said that “The mind is its own place, and in itself can make heaven of hell and hell of heaven.” Negative thoughts bring negative results. As humans we become addicted to negative thinking – even to suffering. We become attached to the pain of our self-doubts and our limiting beliefs of being not good enough. But, with a commitment to life, patience, discipline, a will to get better, forgiveness, self love, and the knowledge that recovery is not just possible, but inevitable because our thoughts do create our reality. How can you create that disciplined committed life of forgiveness and self love? With self hypnosis. You truly can learn to enjoy your life right where you are.

Improve Your Thoughts To
Improve Your Confidence

The Seattle Times, January 1, 2012: Have you ever stopped to reflect on your moods? It’s a fact that each of us feels emotional highs and lows based largely on what we’re thinking. Thoughts create a certain chemistry in the brain and in our bodies. Stressful thoughts can literally make us sick, while happy thoughts can put us in a party mood. We all contribute to our internal weather. It pays off to keep your thinking upbeat and joyful, especially when the world looks bleak and miserable.

Thinking well gives us an internal confidence. Thinking better gives you confidence that no one can take away. Focus on what you do well. Focus on using your talents and skills. Even when you are down emotionally, refuse to let anyone judge you. Be proud of how tough you are.

Moving into this kind of self confidence requires that you trust yourself. You think about your life in ways that work for you. Healthy thoughts give us a platform to stand on. When you build this kind of internal dialogue, your confidence will rise to help you reach your goals.

One thing that you can do is to do things that make you happy as long as it doesn’t hurt you or someone else. Make a list of the things that make you happy and do them often. Actively pursuing your happiness is actively pursuing your health.

Read Improve Your Thoughts To Improve Your Confidence

Things that make me happy are being with my wife, my kids and grandkids, working in my yard and riding my bike.

Another powerful way to improve your thoughts is with self hypnosis. Hypnosis allows us to end the attachment to suffering. You can choose to stay in that negative thought trance state or you can choose to end the suffering and enjoy your life right where you are.

I teach all my clients the Light Switch one minute self-hypnosis technique and I encourage people to use this tool at least five times each day. What you are really doing is creating a “negative free” zone where are thoughts are totally confident and focused on being happy and knowing that you are OK while creating what you do want in life. Learn hypnosis and enjoy your life right where you are.

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