The risk of infant death is increased due to obesity in pregnancy.  Over the years at Slender For Life™ I have assisted moms-to-be with weight loss, even while they are pregnant. With a written referral from the medical doctor, expectant mom’s can safely and healthfully lose weight. Hypnosis for weight loss is good for both the mom and for the baby. Healthcare reform must begin with each of us being responsible for our own health and the health of our families.

Infant Death Risk Due To Obesity In Pregnancy

Obesity in Pregnancy May Raise Infant Death Risk

WebMD Health News April 7, 2011 – It is increasingly clear that obese women have an increased risk for poorer pregnancy outcomes, even if they don’t develop the complications most commonly associated with obesity.

Babies born to obese moms appear to have an increased risk of dying before birth, at delivery, and during their first year of life, according to a new study.

Maternal obesity during early pregnancy was found to double a baby’s risk for death before delivery and up to one year after birth in a new study from Newcastle University in the U.K.

Nearly half of childbearing-age women in the U.S. are overweight or obese, and maternal obesity is known to increase the risk for gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, surgical delivery, and other complications of pregnancy.

The researchers concluded that 16 deaths could be expected for every 1,000 babies born to obese women — eight more than would be expected among normal-weight women during early pregnancy.

Prevention efforts should focus on getting women to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight before they get pregnant.

The study appears in the April issue of the journal Human Reproduction.
Obesity Prevention Efforts.

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If you are overweight and are pregnant or are overweight and want to become pregnant, weight loss hypnosis can safely help you and help your baby. Don’t wait to lose weight until after your baby is born – talk to your medical doctor and begin your weight loss journey now. Your baby deserves a healthy mom.

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