Are you one of the growing numbers of people who are showing interest in a vegan diet? Or, are you one who thinks you have to have your meat and dairy? If you are serious about your health or want to lose weight and keep it off, you’d be seriously considering a vegan lifestyle. When you learn self hypnosis you can make the positive changes in your life that support you in your health. With hypnosis being a vegan is easy, healthy, fun and a wonderful adventure in great tasting food!Winning professional football players, marathon runners and trophy winning body builders have discovered the nutritional power of being vegan.

Interest In Vegan Diets On The Rise:
Google Trends Notes Public’s Increased Curiosity In Veganism

HUFFPOST Healthy Living, April 3, 2013: With influential figures like former President Bill Clinton announcing his enthusiasm for a vegan diet, and celebs like Justin Timberlake singing “Bring it on down to Veganville,” it would seem that veganism is entering the mainstream.

Need more proof? According to Google Trends, public interest in a vegan diet is higher than ever before.

Read Interest In Vegan Diets On The Rise: Google Trends Notes Public’s Increased Curiosity In Veganism

I had a good chuckle on Sunday at church. On the way out a woman told the minister that she was just back from visiting her sister who is a vegan. He mentioned something about a week of healthy eating and she was almost indignant. “But I like my milk and eggs!” she exclaimed. I so desperately wanted to jump in and tell her how milk takes calcium out of the body and how dairy products promote autoimmune diseases. And, I wanted to tell her how consuming the amount of cholesterol found in just a single egg a day appears to cut a woman’s life short as much as smoking 5 cigarettes a day, for 15 years. But, I managed to bite my tongue and stay out of it.

Hypnosis could help this women easily end her desires for foods that make you sick and create a healthy desires for vegetables whole grains and fruit. Self hypnosis can help you join the vegan mainstream.

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I’m so happy being vegan.

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