I can’t wait! I am so excited to be at the International Hypnosis Federation‘s It’s All About You Fun Conference. I am on a weight loss business panel and will have a table in the vender’s room – I hope to see you there!

MARCH 7-9, 2008-(F-Su), San Pedro, California (harbor wine and cheese cruise followed by the Everybody’s Birthday Party March 6, 5pm) CALL 310-541-4844 to REGISTER NOW!

 EARLY BIRD SIGN UP HAS BEEN EXTENDED as a member YOU PAY ONLY $397  (dues $65) for: Presentations by 110 presenters, 3 learning lunches, 1 Banquet, 3 playshops, all talks & panels, Thursday evening Everybody’s Birthday Party, Friday evening Tibetan Bowl Concert, Saturday night entertainment, Sunday night psychic and channel panels, plus more brilliant learning and fun than you could ever imagine. and you will LOVE our 100 world-class presenters share wisdom, knowledge, secrets, processes, wisdom and knowledge so you shine. Friends, CEs, Fun, Cutting-edge Information, Hands-On Practice. Topics Include: MIND: Accidental Hypnosis, Affirmations, Anchors. Brain Systems, Dreams, Emotional Intelligence, ERT, Genuine Optimism, Guided Imagery, Guided Meditation, Humor, Hypnosis 101, Hypnosis Certification, Hypno Counseling, Hypnosis Instructor, Inductions 4 Kids, Laughter Therapy, Metaphor, NLP, Parts Therapy, Phobia Release, Psychology, Quantum Hypnosis, Rapid Inductions, Self Hypnosis, Sub- Modalities, Training, Triggers BODY: Anorexia Help, Anti-Aging, Draw Yourself Well, EFT, EMT, Energy Work, Energizing Techniques, Forever Young, Genetic Consciousness, Great Golf, Healing, Heal Others, Help Disabilities, Hypno-Babies, Love Life, Medical Hypnosis, Nutrition Counseling, Quit Smoking, Reiki, Self-Healing, Sexuality, Signature Frequencies, Stop Pain, Weight Off! Yoga TherapySPIRIT: Akashic Records, Archetypes, Channeling, Depo/Repossession, Hawaiian Huna, Meditation, Metaphysics, Past Lives, Pet Communication, Psychic Phenomenon, Quan Yin, Shamanism, Shichun, Soul Journey, Spirit Guides & Angels, Symbols, Tarot, Trance Channeling SUCCESS: $$: Abundance, Be Wealthy, Build Your Business, Business Forms, Ceremonies, Clutter To Clarity, Create Products, Ethics, Get Rich; I Did, Give Demonstrations, Marketing, Market YOU, Public Speaking, Record Keeping, Thrifty Nifty $ Tips, Weight Biz  YOUR INTERESTS: Art Therapy, Child Birth Hypnosis, Creativity, Dispute Resolution, Favorite Tips, Forensic Hypnosis, Help Children, Help Seniors, Hypno-Crystals, Jingles Technique, Juicier Relationships, Love Life Success, Mandala Hypnosis, Music Therapy, Perfect Sessions, Play Therapy, Pre & Peri Natal, Sonic Trance & Sound, Specialized Skills, Stage Hypnosis, Teach Seminars, Teragrams, Voyager Coaching, And MORE Pre-conference Specialty Certification Courses: T-Th March 4-6, METAPHYSICAL HYPNOSIS, Instructor: Dick Sutphen(+Stockwell) $497 W-Th March 5-6, NLP TECHNIQUES, Instructor: Richard Neves $300  Th March 6, SOUND MEDICINE, SONIC TRANCE & OVERTONING, Instructors:  P. Blum & W. Perry $170 Th March 6,  SPIRIT RELEASEMENT, Instructors: Marotta, Ward, Leidecker, Armentrout $170 Post-conference Specialty Certification Courses: M-T March 10-11, REIKI I & II Kathi Kenedi $300 M-T March 10-11, VOYAGER TAROT COACH James Wanless Room 209  $300 M-F March 10-14, HYPNOTIST/HYPNOTHERAPIST/ADV CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPIST CERTIF.Instructor, Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas $997  (Designation based on hours of training) M-F March 10-14, HYPNOSIS INSTRUCTORS CERTIFICATION Shelley Stockwell- Nicholas $1297  (150 hrs Hypnosis Training Prerequisite)  M-F March 10-14, DISPUTE RESOLUTION CERTIFICATION Brian Campbell $997 CALL 310-541-4844 to REGISTER NOW!