SFL RecipesThis weeks Slender For Life™ Recipes feature is the International Vegetarian Union, which is one of my favorite sources for healthy new recipes. With hypnosis for weight loss it can be easy to stop craving foods that make you fat and sick and create healthy desires for plant based meals. And, with resources like the International Vegetarian Union meals can be fun, delicious and healthy!

International Vegetarian Union

Recipes Around the World

3,099 vegan recipes – so far – in English
– lots more in other languages.

Recipes from:

The Americas
Asia Pacific
Western/Central Asia
India/South Asia

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Of the recipes that I have tried, it’s been easy to reduce or eliminate any oil from a recipe and its been easy to leave out any dairy product from a particular recipe. This is a fun site to get new ideas on how to prepare dishes and new ways to use spices. You too can learn hypnosis for weight loss and enjoy healthy plant based meals.

My book, Becoming Slender For Life and it’s hypnosis CD set can support you in your journey to become slender for life.

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