According to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations): “The International Year of the Potato (2008) aims at raising global awareness of the potato‘s key role in agriculture, the economy and world food security. Celebration of the International Year of the Potato (IYP) will raise awareness of the importance of the potato – and of agriculture in general – in addressing issues of global concern, including hunger, poverty and threats to the environment.”

Dr. John McDougall‘s May 2008 newsletter is devoted to the International Year of the Potato and debunks many of the myths and misconceptions about potatoes.

Since 1990, Slender For Life™ clients have been losing weight and eating healthy with potatoes. My book,  Becoming Slender For Life and the Becoming Slender For Life hypnosis audio reinforcement system give you tools to eat healthy and to be Slender For Life™.

Using the Light Switch Self Hypnosis technique is an easy way for you to use hypnotherapy to change your eating behaviors and to create a new relationship with food.  Watch Light Switch Self Hypnosis and find out how easy self hypnosis is. You can also watch these videos on Power Minutes: Power Minutes, How To Use Power Minutes, Written Suggestions and  Orange Blossom. Use hypnosis several times a day, every day.

Do you have a favorite healthy topping for potatoes? I use salsa or horseradish along with fresh ground pepper. What do you use?

Read International Year of the Potato, 2008.

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Potatoes are a part of my healthy eating plan. 

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