Adam@home has another classic dieting cartoon that reminded me of Dr. Neal Barnard‘s book, Breaking the Food Seduction. Dr. Barnard cites research from Eli Hazum at Welcome Research Laboratories in Research Triangle Park, N.C. that demonstrates that there are traces of morphine in both cows milk and in human milk. The morphine in cows milk ends up in the milk carton as well as in cheese. Cheese also contains other drug-like compounds as well. It contains an amphetamine-like chemical PEA, phenylethylamine which is also found in chocolate and sausage. No wonder cheese is so addicting (and constipating!)

Dairy industry figures show that annual cheese consumption is the U.S. doubled from fifteen pounds per person in 1975 to thirty pounds in 1999. That works out to be 14,400 milligrams of cholesterol and 4.5 kilos of fat – ten pounds of dairy fat from cheese alone – for every single person in America.

No wonder weight loss is so difficult when cheese dairy products are every where! I remember when I cut up a big hunk of cheddar cheese and put it in the pan of vegetables to melt it. I remember eating 1/4# of cheese or more with crackers as a snack. I would go into my numb-out cheese eating trance and eat away.

Thank goodness I learned self-hypnosis and and have used hypnotherapy daily for years to maintain a healthy ideal weight. In Slender For Life, we use hypnosis so that clients can take the weight off and keep it off. Hypnosis works! How are you doing with your New Year’s Resolutions?