Seattle Times; Sunday, March 16, 2008, had an interesting article, Is Fate Making You Fat? by Dorothy Korber and Carrie Peyton Dahlberg.

Researchers say some people are destined by their genes and metabolism to stay fat.
If you’re worried about your weight — and who isn’t? — you may have the feeling lately that science is really jerking you around.

Consider recent findings: Rats fed saccharin gain weight faster than rats fed sugar. Some overweight humans live longer than skinny ones. Diabetics who drive down their blood sugar to “normal” levels are more likely to die of heart disease.

Even the result of “just eat less and exercise more” is under scrutiny, as researchers find that some obese people are destined by their genes and metabolism to stay fat.

Maybe it’s time to be realistic and play the cards we’re dealt.

“The reality is that people have less control over their weight than they realize,” said Gina Kolata, whose book “Rethinking Thin” looks at the science of weight loss. “Weight is inherited almost as strongly as height. No matter how much you’d like to be skinny, you may not be able to be as thin as you would like.”

Kolata suggests that Americans should stop blaming people for obesity.

“It’s just as hard for a thin person to gain 100 pounds as it is for an obese person to lose it — or even 50 pounds, or even, I hate to say it, 20 pounds,” she said. “It’s not that easy to change your weight just because you will yourself to.”

Hard as dieting is, losing weight is easier than keeping it off. Even Oprah Winfrey, one of America‘s wealthiest women, with personal trainers and chefs, struggles with gaining and losing repeatedly, points out University of California-Davis nutrition professor Judith Stern. “It’s really hard to keep weight off,” Stern said. “Some of it has to be biology. Some of it has to be the environment.”

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