More and more foods are showing up on the store shelves labeled organic varieties challenging our decision making and our pocket book.

How many times have you heard, “Buy organic, it’s better for you!”? But many of us just see organic foods as more expensive, not necessarily better for you, so why bother? What does “organic” really mean and is it any healthier than other foods?

Because they have been led to believe they are healthier for their families and for the environment, many people are willing to pay more for organic products. Now, as a result of a “tightening up” on the requirements to say that a food is “organic,” the food must be free from antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, irradiation or bioengineering. Organic farmers must also use certain soil and water conservation methods and follow specific requirements for the humane treatment of animals.
Here is a breakdown of the terms used in “organic” labeling and what those terms “really“ mean:

  • 100% organic – applies to single ingredient foods, such as fruits and vegetables, meat products, milk and cheese.
  • Organic – applies to foods with multiple ingredients and certifies that they are at least 95% organic.
  • Made with organic ingredients – applies to food in which the ingredients are at least 70% organic.
  • Contains organic ingredients – applies to foods in which the organic ingredients total less than 70%

So…reading labels becomes really important when buying “organic” foods to decide whether the product you are purchasing is really worth the extra money. Only foods labeled, “100% organic,” are totally without non-organic ingredients.

If a product is less than 100% organic – is it really worth the extra money to buy it over a comparable non-organic food? The good news is that labeling has become much stricter, so at least when a label reads, “100% organic,” you can be fairly certain that it is.

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