Apathetic, hypochondriacal, clingy and passive, immature and masochistic.” That was the description of the “diabetic personality type” in a 1936 psychoanalytic journal. Wow – thank goodness it’s not 1936!

Today doctors dismiss any notion that people with diabetes have specific character traits – nor do they have any higher-than-average rates of most forms of mental illness.

The one emotional disorder that may afflict people with Type II diabetes more than it does the general population is depression. Since Type II diabetes becomes more common with age, diabetes and depression may be linked simply because both diseases are most common among the elderly; depression is not necessarily a cause of diabetes. Yet depression can heighten complications of the disease. With depression there can be hormonal changes similar to those brought on by stress which results in more glucose accumulating in the blood, aggravating diabetes.

One of the exciting payoffs in my occupation as a hypnotherapist is that I get to sometimes see documented results. Many, many times, Slender For Life™ clients find that their blood sugars are coming into normal-healthy range in as little as 3 to 4 weeks . This can be attributed to eating healthy foods, weight loss, managing stress better and healing depression. I love it when clients bring in the results from their blood tests – all excited to show me the change.

And what is great is that these clients are learning self-hypnosis so that they can manage their own life such that they desire to eat healthily, exercise, and manage stress and depression. We all have our own baggage and with hypnotherapy the baggage can be let go – we don’t have to carry it any more. Do you have a lot of baggage? Using hypnosis, you can manage your baggage and your lifestyle to become and remain healthy.