Is your relationship feeling like an empty basket? Is something missing? Are you wanting more? You can find out how to have an abundant loving and healthy relationship at the Seattle clinical hypnosis office of Roger Moore’s Counseling & Hypnotherapy LLC. Since a healthy relationship starts with a healthy relationship with yourself, learn how to hypnotize yourself with the Light Switch self-hypnosis technique. Love is hypnotic, make the most of it for this Valentine’s Day!

In Filling Your Basket, I write “…a couple meets, they have fun with each other, they talk, they share…they fall head over heels in “love.” Each partner is getting some unfulfilled need met, getting something put into their basket. It feels wonderful. But then after awhile, something about this person begins to bug us. So, we try to change them and they often do change to be more what we want them to be….and we do the same thing, we change to please them. We give up a part of ourselves to fit their expectations of us. One day, one or both of the couple realize the unhappiness that they have created in the relationship. Each has given up important parts of themselves. We wonder what happened to the person with whom we fell in love. Sometimes we run from this relationship to a new one and start all over again: using the same old methods that have not worked to get a different result.

You see, when we are in a relationship based on our own neediness, it takes more and more to satisfy us. The relationship is like any other dependency. It’s as if our basket has no bottom…it’s an empty hole. When we keep taking from the relationship it’s not long before there is nothing left to take and we are still empty. It does not work to be looking to people or things outside ourselves to make us happy, to make us feel loved, to meet our needs. We are just increasing our wanting and our sense of lack.

Abundance starts within us, with our baskets full and overflowing. A healthy relationship exists in our overflow, not in our neediness. It’s in our abundance, our mutual giving where we love unconditionally, where we can love and not worry if we are loved back.

If we want physical riches, we must see ourselves as abundant. If we want tranquility, we must be at peace in our minds. If we want love, we must be loving. And if we want forgiveness, we must be forgiving.” Read Filling Your Basket.

Check out the Seattle hypnosis office of Roger Moore, PhD and begin filling your basket. any healthy relationship begins with a healthy relationship with self. Hypnosis, NLP and  hypnosis relaxation can help you create a healthy, loving relationship. Learn self-hypnosis and how-to hypnotize yourself. Give your relationship a Valentine’s gift that that works for a lifetime. Learn the Light-Switch self-hypnosis.

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I am loving.

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