It was one of those weekends and thank goodness for self-hypnosis. We had our two youngest granddaughters, (ages 5 and 2) and it was granddaughter #2’s graduation from Bainbridge High School on Saturday and her party was on Sunday. And we found out some huge trees along are property line are coming down this week and so that created some extra work. It is all great stuff – just having it all at once created some extra stress. That is where the self-hypnosis came in.

There were several occasions where I’d look at all that needed to be done and at what I wanted to do and think that there was no way it could all happen. And of course added to that the was that beautiful 2 year old voice “Grandpa come!” As much as I possible could, I dropped what I was doing to I could go see the exciting caterpillar, birdie or rock that had captivated her attention.

To add to it all, both the little girls had colds, especially the youngest. So Grandpa got lots of snotty kisses and at times her usual happy spirit was downright crabby. Nothing seemed to please other than cuddled in my arms.

I used self-hypnosis to calm down and to focus on what I was doing and on what was coming next. Hypnosis also help me stay in the moment and appreciate the cuddles I was receiving. And, I managed to get in a bike ride early on Saturday and early on Sunday. So in spite of all that was happening at once, the sun was shining and the important stuff happened. I figure what didn’t get done, wasn’t that important.

Self-hypnosis really makes a difference in my life. I use it to relax and let go of the stress, I use it to problem solve. If I had my way, Kindergartners would learn self-hypnosis. (And it would make a huge difference in our schools – but that is another post.)

If you aren’t already using hypnosis, I urge you to learn self-hypnosis and manage your life. Start now with the light-switch self-hypnosis technique.

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My calm thoughts create my calm reality.

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