Starting Monday, October 26, 2009, Monday blog posts will be devoted to Michael Gordon’s weight loss hypnosis journey. Michael is a new Slender For Life™ weight loss client who will be keeping a weekly journal of his journey and has agreed to share it with you. Are you ready to lose weight? Hypnosis can support you in your weight loss journey. You too can discover the power of hypnosis for weight loss and learn how to hypnotize with self-hypnosis. Why not join Michael in his journey so that you can reach your weight loss goal?

Michael Gordon is a pseudonym for a real Slender For Life™ client living in the Twin Cities. Each week he will be sharing his weight loss journey with you via the Hypnosis Health Info blog posts. Michael’s initial no-charge and no-obligation consultation was held over the phone and he reported his weight at 310 pounds. His goal weight is 205 to 210 pounds.

Never before has a Slender For Life™ client so publicly shared his weight loss experience. His journal will be posted unedited and I have asked that he not only share the joys and triumphs but also the set backs and challenges along the way. This is an exciting opportunity for anyone contemplating a diet or weight loss to receive support and learn from some one who is actually in the process of achieving his weight loss goal.

Michael has begun reading my book, Becoming Slender For Life and listening to its hypnosis CD set. He has already taken the Inner Diet Assessment which I have read and mailed to him and he has started watching Dr. John McDougall’s Total Health Solution DVD. Through our sessions and with these materials Michael will be learning how to hypnotize using self-hypnosis and learning other hypnosis for weight loss tools taught by Slender For Life™.

It’s almost Halloween and then it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Don’t wait. This is the perfect time to begin weight loss. Most Americans will put on 5 to 10 pounds between now and January 3. Since 1999 at Slender For Life™ I have clients lose weight through the holidays. You can enjoy the holidays and the special foods of the holidays and lose weight. You don’t have to be the ones living in regret come January 3.

If you live in the Puget Sound area you can come to my Seattle weight loss office in the Medical Dental Building in downtown Seattle or to my Bainbridge Island weight loss office in Winslow on Bainbridge Island.If you are like Michael and live too far away, we can develop a telephone and internet program just for you. Make 2009 the year that you begin your journey to become Slender For Life™.

Follow Michael Gordon in his weight loss hypnosis journey every Monday at Hypnosis Health Info.

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I am excited to begin my Slender For Life™ journey.

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Note: Statements and testimonials are representative of our top active participants using hypnosis. Some people may make little or no change with hypnosis. Why? It does take effort to make change (in any system) and it just won’t happen if you do not learn and apply the tools. Worse, some people never even complete the training and sessions and therefore never see any results. These claims are not a guarantee of your change, and may not be average of participants. Individual results will vary greatly and in accordance to your commitment, effort, determination, hard work, and ability to follow directions. Summary: As in any self-change program and with everything in life – you get out what you put in.