Starch Solution Logo 400Clients at my Seattle hypnosis for weight and Bainbridge hypnosis for weight loss offices know that it’s not about the carbs. I was digging through some archived documents on a remote hard drive for something for an online John McDougall Starch Solution class that I offer and I came across this article. I remember back in 2002 when it first read It’s not about the carbs, stupid, how excited I was that the popular press was printing something different than promoting a low carb diet. So you can imagine my excitement when I again found this article (and I love the title!). Here we are 12 years later with a continuous flow of solid research demonstrating the harmful health consequences of high fat, low carb diets and the health benefits of a plant based diet. The beef and dairy councils continue to be masterful at marketing their products with the false claims of protein and calcium and the result is that Americans are fatter and sicker. It’s not about the carbs, stupid is this weeks featured article in the Hypnosis Health Info Article Library.

It’s not about the carbs, stupid

Newsweek, Ellen Ruppel Shell, August 5, 2002: The discovery of the obesity gene in humans half a decade ago offered evidence that chronic weight gain is at its heart bio­ logical, the consequence of a mismatch be­ tween nature and nurture. Simplistic explanations, such as blaming obesity on a drop in fat consumption, ignore scientific reality. In countries like India and China, obesity was virtually unknown until the introduction of a high-fat, Western-style diet

One well-known reason for this is that dietary fat converts to body fat more efficiently than does protein or carbohydrate, but recently scientists have uncovered what appears to be an equally important factor. Peter Havel, of the University of California, Davis, and Michael Schwartz, of the University of Washington, Seattle, are investigating the possibility that high levels of fat and fructose are mucking up our brain chemistry, and thereby muting the signals that would normally tell us to put down the fork. These signals are produced by peptides, which are regulated by a number of hormones, namely insulin, leptin and ghrelin . Under normal conditions these hormones help maintain a stable body weight by adjusting levels of the peptides that control eating. But a diet loaded • with fat and fructose hampers the regulation of these hormones. Complicating matters still further, Schwartz says, is that the brain loses its ability to respond to these hormones as body fat increases- so the obese are doubly penalized.

Other researchers are finding evidence that constant exposure to fat and sugar can cause some humans to crave them as they do an addictive drug.

By submitting ourselves to a steady dose of highly processed, sweet, high-fat foods, we have unwittingly entered into a dangerous experiment, the long-term consequences of which are only now beginning to surface.

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