The Seattle Times, Sunday, February 3, 2008:
Article by Shari Roan – Los Angeles Times

“What if you’re not to blame for your weight problem? Several recent studies, papers and a popular weight loss book argue that eating is an automatic behavior triggered by environmental cues that most people are unaware of, or simply can’t ignore.  Think of the buttery smell of movie-theatre popcorn, the sight of glazed doughnuts in glistening in the office conference room or the habit of picking up a whipped-cream-laden latte on the way to work.” Cathy frequently demonstrates this.

Yup – that’s the food trance (hypnosis)! And, of course, the food industry is going to do what they can do to market their products. The question is – do we play victim and go with “I can’t help it that I fell into a vat of Ben & Jerry’s?” Or, is it time to take responsibility for your own actions and behaviors?

If you are ready to stop playing victim to the food industry, then hypnotherapy can change your life. Hypnosisis all about taking control of the trance that you are in. Using Self-Hypnosis, you can stay out of the food trance and make conscious choices about what it is that you are eating and how much you are eating.

It’s your choice – you can go with “It’s Not My Fault I’m Fat” or “I’m responsible for Becoming Slender For Life!”