As I left the grocery store this morning I saw a notice about a new low-carb book, it made me realize that I need to talk to my friends in the store and have them carry my book

Back in August 5, 2002, Ellen Ruppel Shell wrote an article for Newsweek Magazine titled It’s Not the Carbs, Stupid. I love that title and I loved the article. I gave away copies of it for almost a year – in fact, I still on occasion give out that article.

In this article she tells of research by Peter Have, of the University of California, Davis, and Michael Schwartz, of the University of Washington, Seattle, are researching the impact that high levels of fat have on our brain chemistry, and thereby muting the signals that would normally tell us to put down the fork. A diet loaded with fat and fructose hampers the regulation of the peptide hormones that control eating. Complicating matters still further, Schwartz says, is that the brain loses its ability to respond to these hormones as body fat increases – so the obese are doubly penalized.

Other researchers are finding evidence that constant exposure to fat and sugar can cause some humans to crave them as they do an addictive drug. A Princeton University psychologist recently showed that rats fed a high-sugar diet were, when the sugar was removed, thrown into a state of anxiety similar to that seen in withdrawal from morphine or nicotine.

By submitting ourselves to a steady dose of highly processed, sweet, high-fat foods, we have unwittingly entered  into a dangerous experiment, the long term consequences of which are only now beginning to surface.

The good news is that there is a solution to sugar & fat addiction. Using self-hypnosis you can end the cravings for sugar and fat. Hypnosis is a powerful tool for you to take control of what you are eating.