It’s Thanksgiving – a wondrous day of family and friends and a day to give thanks for abundance. It is a day of gratitude– there is so much to be grateful for. I am grateful to my Marilyn for her love and the care she gives to me. I am give thanks for each of our children, Larry & Nancy, Shellee, Tim & Agnes, Josh & Lauren and to each of our grandchildren, Cassie, Alex, Kenna, Riley and to our granddaughter to be born at Christmas. I am so blessed to have such a loving family. I have grown closer this year to my parents, my sister and my brother and I love that.

I am so thankful for the guidance of my book editor Oriana Green who has held my hand and guided me this past year. Her patience and humor keep me moving.

I continue to learn from my counseling & hypnosis clients and I thank you for trusting me to share in your journey. I am thrilled when I receive an email like this from Slender For Life clients: “I just reached my goal weight yesterday, which is 100 pounds on my home scale first thing in the morning. I wanted to share my joy with you.” (Her starting weight was 167#). Another hypnotherapy weight-loss client who is down over 40# and halfway to her goal told me on Tuesday that Slender For Life is the easiest, kindest, loveliest way she has ever lost weight.

I live on a beautiful island, I have a dry roof, warm bed and abundant food. I am in great health and am thankful that I have a roof to clean, a yard to put to bed for the winter, my dog Luna to love me unconditionally and remind me of humility.

Today I give thanks for God’s abundance and I get to be with my family and friends who are here. I miss my son Josh and his wife Lauren in Minnesota and wish they could enjoy Stuffed Pumpkinwith us. Today is about giving thanks, it’s about being with family and friends – not about how much food we can eat. What are you grateful for?