ICBCH Integrative Medical Hypnosis Certification Course

Now is the time to register for the ICBCH Integrative Medical Hypnosis Practitioner Certification Course starting on September 18, 2023.

Summer is over and class starts in less than two weeks.

Certified by ICBCH

This 40-hour course, certified by the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy (ICBCH), will empower certified hypnotherapists with a solid foundation in the emerging field of medical hypnosis. Expert ICBCH instructors, Roger Moore and Tracy Barrett Adams, have meticulously structured this 12-week program to ensure you receive ample support, practical training, and individual attention.

The curriculum seamlessly blends live online group sessions with self-paced study, ensuring a balanced and immersive learning experience that optimizes your time and leverages the best aspects of the online learning platform.


Note to my clients

This post is geared to Hypnosis professionals. Watch for my future posts that support you in your health and wellness.

Help your clients with Medical Hypnosis

You can be positioned for success in this rewarding profession, equipped with client-centered methods and ready to help clients with countless medical concerns. Some of the most common issues you can expect to see in your practice:

  • Chronic pain • acute pain
  • Autoimmune Disorders • Cancer
  • Parkinson’s • migraines • IBS
  • Surgical Preparation • Surgical Recovery
  • Fibromyalgia • Chronic Fatigue

This is a 40-hour certification course

You’ll experience a blended classroom that includes video instruction, demonstrations, and live online interaction.

Live Online Sessions:

Roger and Tracy will facilitate discussion, demonstration, and practice. With 12 two-hour live sessions we’ll have an opportunity to explore concepts in-depth, practice skills, and work through questions.

Independent Learning:

Roger and Tracy have prepared numerous videos covering key topics, and these include both discussion and demonstration. Each week you’ll view assigned videos ranging from 5-30 minutes. Other assignments may include writing, preparing for demonstrations, and research/reading.

Practitioner Guide:

Your companion book is over 180 pages, containing a wealth of resources, including protocols, scripts, and client-centered solutions.


Upon successful completion of the course and certification review (exam), the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy will award your certificate.

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