Did you see Jamie Oliver make that ice cream sundae on his Food Revolution? Pretty gross, huh? What is sad is that so many people depend on inexpensive, convenient fast food and have similar health issues as does Sophia’s family. Dino is right – we have a choice. I keep saying that we must vote with our wallet and stop buying food that makes us sick. If we were to stop buying food that has crazy words for ingredients and stop eating greasy fried food in fast food restaurants, healthier choices would become available at affordable prices. At Slender For Life™ we focus on eating real food, plant-based food that really does look like God made it. Are you ready to make the change and eat food that looks like it was dug out of the earth, picked off of plant or a bush or out of a tree? If you are ready, self-hypnosis can make the change easier for you. Learn hypnosis with Slender For Life™.

When I watched this episode of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution I was really grossed out when Jamie made the sundae. He showed shiny candy and Saturday night I ate one of those candy hot tamales in a Mexican Restaurant. I had no idea about the shellac. Do your kids know where their food comes from? How about you? – Do you really know what’s in the food that you eat? Let’s get the crazy words our of our food.

My book, Becoming Slender For Life offers a different way to think about weight release and management. I  encourage an emphasis on low-fat, high-starch eating. I also recommend reinventing yourself as a flexitarian—someone who is not overly rigid about food choices, and allows for occasional indulgences on holidays, birthdays and so on. And, of course, there is no avoiding the importance of exercise, though I do offer some unconventional ideas about adding more movement to your life.

What really separates this diet book from the rest, is the addition of self-hypnosis techniques, which are absolutely safe and easy to learn. Using an innovative one-minute exercise, anyone can make time for this powerful component several times a day. Mastering these techniques empowers you to reinforce your healthy new lifestyle habits for the rest of your life, plus you can use these same techniques to makes changes in any other area of your life. You can get free chapters of Becoming Slender For Life by clicking here. How about you? Are you ready to learn hypnosis and make healthy changes in your life?

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