Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution is a must see for anyone who has any concerns about their current and future health or who is struggling with junk food addiction. For years Dr. John McDougall, Dr. Neal Barnard, myself and many others have talked about the addictive qualities of processed foods. With Food Revolution, Jamie Oliver is getting the attention of the national news media and hopefully, your attention too. Sadly, we are a nation where it is abnormal to be at a healthy weight. Childhood obesity is, for the most part, a preventable disease. You really have to wonder what are we doing?!

I came across a report in Reuters: Bingeing on high-calorie foods may be as addictive as cocaine or nicotine, and could cause compulsive eating and obesity, according to a study published on Sunday, Mar 28 2010.

The study, involving rats, found that over-consumption of high-calorie food can trigger addiction-like responses in the brain and that high-calorie food can turn rats into compulsive eaters in a laboratory setting. The scientists also found decreased levels of a specific dopamine receptor — a brain chemical that allows a feeling of reward — in overweight rats, as has been reported in humans addicted to drugs. Read Junk Food Addiction May Be Clue To Obesity.

In his book Breaking The Food Seduction, Neal Barnard, MD tells us that Chocolate bars, wedges of cheese, cookies, and doughnuts all are capable of stimulating precisely the same part of the brain that responds to heroin.  There is an intense motivation to keep taking this drug.  This strong compulsive quality is the basis of an addiction.

Rather have chocolate than sex?  The same part of your brain that appreciates chocolate is also responsible for libido.  Chocolate hits the brain and causes a habituation that is as real and physical as addiction to narcotics—albeit not so destructive.  Chocolate stimulates opiate receptors in the brain, and blocking those receptors undoes chocolate’s principal attraction.

Sometimes we use food to stimulate the deepest parts of the brain when what we really need is friendship and love.  And if the part of the brain that keeps us interacting with others—talking, flirting, dating, or just being together—can be satisfied with a bowl of chocolate ice cream instead, we can find ourselves becoming more and more alone.

If foods can work on the very parts of our brain that are designed for warmth, friendship, and love, no wonder loneliness leads to overeating, drinking, or drug use.  And once addictions start, they develop a life of their own.

Could it be that many cases of chronic anxiety, depression, or feelings of boredom or emptiness result, not from the existential problems of human life, but from too many doughnuts, chocolate bars, and sodas?! Read Breaking The Food Seduction.

Junk food addiction is real and it has created a fat nation of disease. Real healthcare reform must begin with each of us taking personal responsibility for what we put in our mouth and what we serve to our families.

If you have children or grandchildren eating school lunches or if you are eating processed foods, I beg you to watch Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution on ABC and here at Hypnosis Health Info you can also get a YouTube segment of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

Now is the time for action. Please don’t wait any longer. My book Becoming Slender For Life and its hypnosis CD set can help you and your family end its addiction to junk food.

You can now watch the first three episodes of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution on Hulu. Also, read Kids Want You To Support Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

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