The Seattle weight loss and Bainbridge Island weight loss offices of Slender For Life™ are thrilled with Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. This is a must see series for parents, school board members, and anyone who does the grocery shopping for the family meals. I have spoken out about the need for action to preventing childhood obesity since 1997 and Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution is a glimmer of hope.

Seeing the previews of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution caught my attention and it was with interest, excitement and fear that I would be disappointed, that I ask my wife, Marilyn, to set up the DVR to record the shows. (No, I don’t know how to work the DVR so don’t go there). Marilyn happen to catch an Oprah show where she had Ryan Seacrest and Jamie Oliver and showed segments of the show.

Several days later as I watched the Oprah show I was shocked. I am not easily shocked and I thought there was little that surprised me when it came to obesity and weight loss – but I was in for a stunning surprise that deeply moved me. They wheeled in a standard size coffin and a coffin made with reinforced steel that was more than 4 feet wide. The XXX large size coffin has be tipped on it’s side with the body in it to get through door ways and is lifted in and out of cargo vans with a forklift. (It’s too big to fit into a hearse.)

I held back tears as I looked at that XXX large coffin. In most cases, obesity can be eliminated and prevented with lifestyle change – diet and exercise. Watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution reconfirmed for me why I am so passionate about helping people to lose weight. I look at that XXX large coffin and think “there but for the grace of God go I.” I have been at a healthy weight for over 14 years now, but most of my life I was over weight and at times I was obese. I know what it is like as a child to be obese and I know what it is like as an adult to be on the yo-yo diet failure plan. And now, I know what it is like to have lost 110 pounds and to radically change how and what I eat and what it means to get off the couch and move my body.

I thank God for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, for First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move program and for other leaders of the food revolution like Dr. John McDougall.

America, let’s get serious and really reform health care. As individuals and as a nation we cannot afford to continue eating fast food and processed food that is filled with chemicals, fat and sugar. True health care reform begins with each of us – it begins at home with you. Cast your vote with your money. Stop going to fast food restaurants, stop buying processed foods. Buy real food that looks like it was dug out of the earth, picked off of a plant or a bush or out of a tree. Teach your kids how to cook and enjoy real food and as a family turn off the TV, the video games and the computer and get out and move. Start a revolution in your home!

You may also want to read what the Washington Post wrote about Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and take a look at CNN‘s Kids In Peril. Also, see my new blog post, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution & Junk Food Addiction and Kids Want You To Support Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

Urge Congress to Support the Healthy School Meals Act of 2010.

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