SFL RecipesThe vegan recipes by Jason Wrobel is this weeks featured resource in the Slender For Life™  Recipe Library. If you are looking to entertain special guests or have a special occasion that calls for a gourmet meal, I highly recommend that you check out these raw and cooked recipes. These recipes aren’t for weight loss or even for daily meals if you are at a healthy weight. But for tribal feasts there are some excellent options. Be sure to check out the thousands of free recipes that are available for you in the Slender For Life™  Recipe Library.



Yep, here they are! The REAL reason you came to my website. For the toe-curling, world-rocking, mind-bending, earth-shattering recipes that will have you looking like a rockstar. Check out the cooked vegan and raw food vegan recipes below and get ready to try some seriously sublime meals. There are vegan, plant-based recipes in here to satisfy the pickiest of palates.

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The Tao of Diet (or: Balance is the New Black)

A healthy, balanced vegan and raw food lifestyle is not about being rigid or perfect (whatever that means), about being a dogmatic diva or a holier than thou nutritional saint, or even about giving up your favorite foods. It’s an abundant, ever-unfolding adventure of culinary curiosity, wherein you get to ply your taste buds and your body with new and exciting (and nutritious!) foods! There exists a whole world of mind-blowing, delicious superfoods out there, eagerly awaiting your curiosity and your taste buds, including shilajit, durian, maca root, monoatomic gold Ormus, etc. When you open your mind (and your mouth) to new and exotic superfoods, you avail yourself to previously unexperienced sensations, perceptions and healing powers, while exponentially multiplying the otherwise finite units of energy we all depend on to get us through our days and our lives! The simple act of adding organic raw, vegan and living foods into your diet is a quantum leap forward on the otherwise limitless path to optimal health.

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Thousands of free recipes are
right here for you in the
Slender For Life™ Recipe Library


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