Jeff Novick on Calorie DensityJeff Novick, MS, RD, teaches us that calorie density, is the simplest easiest approach to healthy eating. It is easy to understand and follow and is the most common sense approach to sound nutrition. In addition, by  following the principles of calorie density, you will also meet all your other nutritional needs including vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, essential fats, etc. At Slender For Life™ hypnosis weight loss I am committed to supporting you with healthy weight loss and with making healthy lifestyle changes that truly support your health and wellness.

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A Common Sense Approach
To Sound Nutrition

The Calorie Density Approach

Calorie density is simply a measure of the amount of calories in a given weight of food, most often expressed as calories per pound. A food high in calorie density provides a large amount of calories in a small weight of food, whereas a food low in calorie density has much fewer calories for the same weight of food. Therefore, for the same number of calories, one can consume a larger portion of a food lower in calorie density than a food higher in calorie density. On a day-to-day basis, people generally eat a similar amount of food, by weight. Therefore, choosing foods with a lower calorie density allows us to consume our usual amount of food (or more) while reducing our caloric intake.

Foods low in calorie density also tend to be higher in satiety so by consuming foods lower in calorie density, one can fill up on much fewer calories without having to go hungry. In addition, the foods that are lower in calorie density (fruits, veggies, starchy vegetables, intact whole grains and legumes) are also the foods highest in nutrient density. Therefore, by following a diet lower in calorie density, one also automatically consumes a diet higher in nutrient density.

Read A Common Sense Approach To Sound Nutrition

I truly believe that A Common Sense Approach To Sound Nutrition is a must read for anyone who wants to lose weight and be healthy. This article has been added to the Slender For Life™ Client Resources page and will now be assigned reading for all weight loss hypnosis clients.

With Slender For Life™ hypnosis weight loss you can end your desires for foods that are calorie dense and create healthy desires for foods that have low caloric density and are nutrient dense.

Read Calorie Density with Jeff Novick

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