Jeff Novick

Jeff Novick

The newest addition to the Hypnosis Health Info Article Library is Nutrition & Health FAQ: Answers To The Most Asked Questions by Jeff Novick. At Seattle weight loss hypnosis and Bainbridge weight loss hypnosis we know the challenges of diets and weight loss. When I was over weight and obese, I tried and failed on many diets and was often confused by the conflicting information. Nutrition & Health FAQ is an excellent resource for you to get your questions answered factually. When your family and friends are peppering you with diet questions this article is an excellent resource. Use this resource and set yourself up for your weight loss success.

Nutrition & Health FAQ: Jeff Novick

Here are a few of the hot topics:

Maximizing Weight Loss

Counting Calories

The Mediterranean Diet

The Paleo Diet

How to Read Food Labels & Supermarket Survival Skills



Click here for Nutrition & Health FAQ: Jeff Novick

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