I am so excited about Jeff Novick’s Fast Food DVD that I decided to feature it today rather than a product from the Hypnosis Health Info Store. And, since it isn’t a product in the Hypnosis Health Info Store, I do not make any money from its sales. That is how important I think this video is. In the Bainbridge Island weight loss and Seattle weight loss offices of Slender For Life™ clients often think that eating healthy takes too much time and costs too much. NOT TRUE! With Jeff Novick’s Fast Food DVD and books like John McDougall’s Quick & Easy Cookbook, you can quickly and easily make great tasting affordable meals. And my book, Becoming Slender For Life and my weight loss hypnosis CD set can support you in giving up the fat food for healthy plant-based fast food.


Do you want to eat healthy, but hate to cook? Does cooking take too much time? Cost too much money? Is it too hard? Does your grocery shopping bag come from a drive-through?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then Chef Jeff Novick can lend you a helping hand — not to mention spurtle!

In this new groundbreaking, essential DVD, nutritionist and Chef Jeff Novick takes on Fast Food in his own exuberant style — and demonstrates how anyone can create a healthy, low cost, delicious and easy meal in under ten minutes.

At Slender For Life™ we know the importance of following a plant-based diet and we embrace the teachings of Jeff Novick and Dr. John McDougall. Be sure to visit the Hypnosis Health Info Store and get your copy of my book, Becoming Slender For Life and my hypnosis CD set.

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I make healthy, affordable, quick and easy plant-based fast food.