When it comes to weight loss, Dr. Sklare knows that Secondary Gain can be a major stumbling block. Imagine believing that an activity is not safe physically, mentally, and/or emotionally and then going ahead and doing it—for the rest of your life! Now that’s a challenge! Slender For Life™ clients learn weight loss hypnosis to break through the layers of  secondary gain. You can find Secondary Gain in the Hypnosis Health Info Article Library.

In my book, Becoming Slender For Life, I write: “There are so many reasons why people use food for protection—and I’m convinced now that men use food for protection as much as women do. Often clients are unaware—even shocked—when they realize their weight is protecting them from something, and that they really don’t want to let go of their excess weight. It’s as though they have two different warring halves. One side wants to release the excess weight, and the other side wants to hang onto the instant satisfaction that sugary, fatty foods provide.”

Secondary Gain
by Dr. John H. Sklare

As one online description states: “Secondary Gain is the mental equivalent of a “loss leader” in business, a strategy that sacrifices profit on the front end but subsequently yields a return. So a merchant may lose money on free samples in the hope that, later, he will gain income in the form of regular customers. In the personal realm, a loss leader is a behavior that, at first glance, seems to work against the individual. Often, it is described as self-defeating or even self-destructive. Examples include someone who stays in an abusive relationship, or who sets themselves up to lose their job or does nothing to address debilitating stress. Why do some people live in ways that clearly mire them in misery, conflict and angst? They are, after all, forfeiting something worthwhile — a chance at happiness, fulfillment or a better life. Why pursue a losing strategy? Often, the answer is Secondary Gain.” ~ John Sklare

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“The reasons people believe they need to keep weight on are limitless and extend far beyond physical and sexual abuse. People hide out, keeping others safely at a distance; they use weight to have an excuse to keep from doing something, such as cleaning the house or going to parties. Some people even rely on their excess weight to draw attention—when it’s difficult for them to move, they can get others to wait on them. Ultimately, they all avoid vulnerability.” Becoming Slender For Life

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