The Joy of Connection by Frankie Pérez is this weeks featured article in the Hypnosis Health Info Article Library. “There’s nothing quite like it – the euphoria, joy, and happiness of feeling connected!  We feel connected when we fall in love, when we have a long heart-to-heart with a good friend, when we commune with God or nature, or when we spend time really listening inwardly to our heart’s wants and desires.  As social animals, human beings are not meant to exist in a vacuum.  We are relational beings who require connection in order to thrive, be fulfilled, and feel happy,” writes Frankie. I frequently use hypnosis in relationship counseling to help individuals and couples overcome the feelings of isolation and disconnectedness. Using self-hypnosis can help you make the decision and create an internal choice to move in a determined direction toward connectedness.

The Joy of Connection

Six Ways of Plugging-In to Life!

  • CONNECTION TO SELF ~ Do I approve of myself?
  • CONNECTION TO ANOTHER ~ Do I have one person I can trust and confide in?
  • CONNECTION TO OTHERS ~ Do I feel a sense of belonging?
  • CONNECTION TO PASSION ~ What fuels me?
  • CONNECTION TO LIFE ~ Do I appreciate and respect life?
  • CONNECTION TO SPIRIT ~ Do I have a relationship with Spirit?

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Do you want more connection in your life? Hypnosis can help you overcome the fear of revealing who you are, develop an ongoing relationship with yourself, and establish a relationship with your spirituality. Learn self-hypnosis so that you never feel lonely again!

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I experience the joy of connection in my life.

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