1-med hyp class 2014 400Learn from the nations top experts in Medical Hypnosis: Judith Simon Prager, John Butler & Michael Ellner. You can get all 3 only with Medical Hypnosis Online Coaching with Melissa Roth & Roger Moore. We have another exciting quarter starting July 27, so now is your opportunity to register.

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3rd Quarter Medical Hypnosis Online Coaching with Melissa Roth & Roger Moore

July 27, 5:00 – 6:30 PDT

Judith Simon Prager: Verbal First Aid-What to say when every second counts and how to prevent PTSD

“Verbal First Aid™ uses words to set a course for healing from fear and pain.”

When people are in fear, pain, or crisis, they often go into fight/flight/freeze, slipping into an altered state of consciousness in which what is said to them can be received by the mind/body as a hypnotic command. At such time, words can harm and words can heal. Frightening words can send chemicals such as adrenalin and cortisol which impede healing, whereas words that create calm can help set a course for the body’s recovery. Moreover, the right words can affect the future by turning a potential trauma into a memory of rescue. You’ll learn the Verbal First Aid protocol for providing words that can calm, promote healing, relieve pain, and even save lives.

BIO: Judith Simon Prager has a PhD in psychology and has taught Verbal First Aid in medical centers across the US and around the world including China after their disastrous earthquake in Sichuan and in England, biannually, at the European School of Osteopathy. She been a consultant to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and to Children’s Hospital of Orange County. She has co-authored two books on the subject of Verbal First Aid (the first of which was deemed “the ‘bible’ for crisis communication” by The International Journal of Emergency Medicine. Dr. Prager has a private practice in Los Angeles and have been an instructor in the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program for 25 years.


August 24, 5:00 – 6:30 PDT

John Butler: Pain Control

Modern scientific methods give clear evidence that hypnosis enables therapeutic change and can help people with a wide range of psychological, psychosomatic and behavioral problems.

Scientific studies have shown characteristic neurological changes that are achieved when hypnosis is used compared to imagination or positive thinking. Hypnotherapy has applications in all areas where mind and body interact – stress management, relief from chronic pain, hypnosurgery (using hypnosis for pain relief pre-, during and post-surgery, helping recovery etc.), anxiety and panic control, confidence support and performance enhancement in virtually any field of human activity.

Bio: Dr. John Butler is a highly regarded hypnotherapist with over 27 years of proven experience and over 30,000 hours of practice as a successful clinical practitioner.

He has been a hypnotherapy educator to a wide variety of groups and in 1992, wrote the first official hypnotherapy training course which he taught at the Royal College of Nursing in London.


September 28, 5:00 – 6:30 PDT

Michael Ellner: Modeling our medical hypnosis practices utilizing the “Family Medicine” specialty model

Michael Ellner will be discussing using the Family Medicine model for assisting clients with a wide range of health challenges like AIDS, cancer, chronic pain, etc., etc and sharing his opinions and experience during the

Bio: Michael Ellner specializes in hypnosis for relieving anxiety, negative stress and pain. Throughout his 30 year career as a New York hypnotist, Ellner has also been honored with The International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association’s Educator of the Year 2008 and The National Guild of Hypnotists’ Charles Tebbetts Award for “Spreading the Light of Hypnotism” during their 22nd Awards Dinner Banquet.

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