It should be no surprise that junk food may ‘lower child’s IQ’ or that feeding children real food may increase IQ. After all, when kids are fed processed food that is high in fat, sugar, sodium and chemicals, is it bound to impact their physical, mental and emotional health. I was so excited when expectant mom came to my Slender For Life™ office for a free hypnosis for weight loss consultation. She is pregnant and obese and knows that for her health and for the health of her baby she needs to lose weight during the pregnancy. Working with her physician, we are creating a weight loss hypnosis program that will allow her to lose weight prior to giving birth and continue losing after delivery. This new mom is committed to setting a good example for her children and to providing them real food for their health and wellness. Since all Slender For Life™ clients learn self-hypnosis, she giggled at the idea of being able to teach her children how to hypnotize themselves.

Junk Food May ‘Lower Child’s IQ’

February 8, 2011, Press Association: Diets high in fats, sugars and processed foods are lowering toddlers’ IQs, a new study has suggested. It found eating habits among three-year-olds shape brain performance as they get older. A predominantly processed food diet at the age of three is directly associated with a lower IQ at the age of eight and a half.

Food packed with vitamins and nutrients notably did the opposite, helping boost mental performance as youngsters got older, the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health reports.

Researchers said toddlers’ diets could change IQ levels later in childhood, even if eating habits improve with age. “This suggests that any cognitive/behavioral effects relating to eating habits in early childhood may well persist into later childhood, despite any subsequent changes to dietary intake,” the authors wrote.

The brain grows at its fastest rate during the first three years of life. “It is possible that good nutrition during this period may encourage optimal brain growth,” the report added.

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