Just run. Sounds simple enough enough but whether is actually running, going for a walk, going to the gym or the pool, creating more financial abundance in your life or maybe even calling a friend or family member can be much more of a mental and emotional challenge than the actual act itself. I remember when I was in grad school for my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy our class was divided into teams and we were to toss a ring the mile or so from the University of Santa Monica to the beach – it was about a mile or so. At first we looked at this daunting task and wondered how we could possibly do it. Then, someone tossed the ring a few feet. Someone else picked it up and tossed it again…and so on… 3 foot tosses all the way …. and we were soon at the beach. Often that voice in our head that wants us to quit is so focused the the huge task and/or the mountain of fear that accompanies it. When we are mindful and use tools like self hypnosis, we can overcome that voice in our head that wants to quit and take the next step bringing us closer to our goal.

I recently quoted Look At The Little Picture from my book, Becoming Slender For Life. I told about when I climbed Mt. Rainier and I reached the mental and emotional point where I had previously always quit. I overcame that voice in my head and reached the summit by taking the next step.

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Self hypnosis is one of the best mindfulness techniques for overcoming the mental and emotional barriers that hold us back in life. Are you ready to take the next step in reaching your summit? Learn hypnosis and achieve success in your life.

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I take the next step to reach my summit.

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