I am so excited to see Reed Alexander taking on childhood obesity with his Kewlbites website. Reed’s generation is the first generation since the Civil War that has a shorter life expectancy than my generation. This shocking fact is due to childhood obesity which is preventable and completely unnecessary. I have called this child abuse and I believe it to be criminal. The good news is that more and more children and their families are discovering Slender For Life™ and are learning how they can lose weight and keep it off.

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When I originally started researching how I could lose weight on the Internet, I was so confused. Where to turn? Programs targeted at adults weren’t right for me. I couldn’t find anything that was designed for kids. I wasn’t so interested in going on a diet, because I realized that I’d eventually have to go off of it at some point. What would I do then? I also really wanted to be able to eat the foods I like. I’m a MAJOR foodie and I love cooking! I needed to be able to incorporate all kinds of foods into my life and to be able to enjoy cooking with my family. Whatever I was going to do had to be practical, too. How was I going to go to a friend’s birthday party, or out to dinner, or do anything else that I wanted, while having an amazing time losing weight and getting in control of myself? How was I going to find the right balance to satisfy all the things I was looking to do? What was I going to do in order to integrate fitness into my lifestyle?

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“As a country, we sometimes believe that certain health-related issues sometimes reach a certain point of importance where we believe government has a role. For example, we could teach people to drive at the speed limit and be safe and not fall asleep at the wheel — or we can put airbags in cars. We could hope people brush and floss, or we can put fluoride in the water. We could hope that parents get their children immunized before they go to school, or we can just require it. So the question is whether obesity has reached a certain level of crisis, like we felt we reached with tobacco. … I obviously believe we’re there, and I believe, more and more, the country is believing that.” ~ Kelly Brownell, professor in the Department of Psychology at Yale University

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I think it is great that Reed Alexander took on his own issues with weight loss and I am ecstatic that he is using his experience to educate and help other children lose weight. What I really love is that Reed is a MAJOR foodie and he loves to cook. With the weight loss hypnosis tools of Slender For Life™ you can be come a MAJOR HEALTH FOODIE.

What are you doing to end childhood obesity? Let’s work together and stop killing our kids. And besides, we can’t afford to be so fat.

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