Do I know you?

The movie The Kid is a perfect followup to yesterday’s post, Go To The Movies. You see, within each of us we have various parts, various aspects of ourselves. It seems like we spend much of our lives waging war from within. There is that part of us that wants to change and that part that wants to remain the same. There is a part of us that wants to reach out and risk and another part that just wants to play it safe. There is a part that teenage part that wants to rebel and another part that wants to conform. It’s as though one part of our team is going for one goal and the other part of the team is going for the other goal. We wage these internal wars and comfort ourselves with food.

Working Together

I urge you to to watch, or re-watch the movie The Kid with Bruce Willis. Its a great family movie and it clearly illustrates the power of the younger parts within us. Each of these various parts of our personality is critical to who we are. We certainly don’t want to eliminate any one part. If we were to eliminate anyone of them, the movie of our life would no longer make sense (it would be like It’s A Wonderful Life). Our job is to get all parts of ourselves working together in harmony going for the same goals.

Clients at my Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge Island hypnosis offices learn hypnosis and other tools so that they can get all the various parts or aspects of their personality working together on the same team for the same goal. If you are tired of the war raging within you, bring it to and end with self-hypnosis. When all parts of you are working together, then you know that you are “OK”.

Read Go To The Movies

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