Exercise is crucial for kids’ developing brains in addition to being good for their bodies. It’s summer. School is out and kids are looking for things to do. Make sure that being out doors and physically active is a major part of each day. Get your kids out of the house, away from their Xbox, iTunes, phones, computer and TV. One important way to do this is to be a role model. Just like ending childhood obesity must be a family affair, so should exercise. Hypnosis can help you and your children to eat plant strong and to be more active. Make hypnosis and being physically active a family affair.

Your Kid’s Brain on Exercise

WebMD: You know exercise is good for kids’ bodies. Did you know that exercise is crucial for kids’ developing brains as well? Even moderate exercise, like walking, could make your kids sharper, healthier, and happier.

Studies show that kids who exercise get better grades, have better concentration, and get more restful sleep.

Physical activity boosts blood flow all over the body, including to the brain. Brain cells get better at connecting with each other. What’s the result?

Better thinking skills.

More confidence.

Better moods.

Sounder sleep.

Your kid doesn’t have to be a track star or medal-winning gymnast to feel the brain-boosting and other benefits of exercise. Even moderate activity — riding a bike or even walking — seems to help.

The CDC recommends that kids ages 6 to 18 get an hour of exercise a day. Your kids can split up activity over the course of the day. A few minutes here and there adds up.

Get the whole family involved. If you want your kids to exercise more, you have to exercise more yourself. Practice what you preach. Get in the habit of taking weekend nature walks or bike rides. Make physical activity a part of all of your lives. Your bodies, and your minds, will be healthier for it.

Read Your Kid’s Brain on Exercise

With hypnosis you can help your kids maximize their powerful and creative mind. Childhood obesity is reversible and preventable and is an unnecessary epidemic in our nation that is bankrupting us. We can change this. Hypnosis can help your kids to be motivated to exercise.

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