Do you fight with your kids about cutting out the sodas – or have you given up? I overheard one parent say recently that she thought that having her kids drink a Diet Coke or two a day was better than not drinking anything. I had all I could do to not jump into the conversation. Getting your kids to cut out the sodas and drink water actually can be easy. It does require that parents be parents and have something else handy (water) and encourage and reward their children for doing so. What’s the secret to making it easy? Make it a family affair and learn self hypnosis.

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Yes, you can get your kids to cut out the sodas – and gain less

Good news for parents worried about their kids’ weight – it’s possible to get them to stop drinking sugary drinks, and the kids gain less weight when they stop. The bad news is it takes a lot of work.

Two studies published Friday show that kids will stop drinking full-sugar sodas, juices and sports drinks if they have something else handy and if they are encouraged and rewarded for doing so. In one study, the kids actually lowered their body fat and in both studies the kids who got diet drinks or water gained less weight than children allowed to continue their usual habits.

The studies demonstrate that it is possible to fight back against childhood obesity, but it will take a lot of vigilance. They may also vindicate a recent, controversial decision by New York to ban the sale of supersized drinks that are sweetened with sugar.

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sodas – and gain less

Today, you get two articles:

Sugary Drinks and Weight Gain Linked

WebMD, September 21, 2012: If you’re at risk of obesity because of your genes, you may also be more at risk for weight gain from sugary drinks.

In people with a high genetic risk for obesity, getting a lot of sugar from sugar-sweetened drinks may amplify the genetic effects on obesity.

The study looked at the effects on weight gain of sugary drinks — including sodas, fruit punches, lemonades, or other fruit drinks. Drinking sweetened beverages even in modest amounts clearly results in increased weight and excess weight.

Parents should do their best at home to have water [for children] instead of soda.

The time has come for both children and adults to have fewer sugary drinks.

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I’m a parent and I’m a grandparent and on too many occasions I took the easy way out and gave into the kids. I do know the challenges of being a parent. I also have know that people who learn self hypnosis have an easier time making healthy life style changes like filling their home with snacks of veggies and fruit and only having water to drink.

Ending childhood obesity has to be a family affair involving Mom, Dad and all the kids. That means that Dad and Mom eat healthy snacks, drink water rather than soda and get the family involved in physical activities. Support yourself and your family by drinking water. Kids do want to be healthy – support them every way you can!

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I support my health by drinking water.

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