Seattle weight loss hypnosis and Bainbridge Island hypnosis clients often ask how to get their kids inspired to cook, eat healthy and exercise. And, of course, it needs to be quick and easy. In my continual quest to put an end to childhood obesity I stumbled upon an amazing magazine called ChoChop Magazine. It was love at first sight for me. There are recipes for families and for kids. The DigDig section is is all about planting your own garden and Moving Day is about getting the family off the couch. To get started, I encourage Moms, Dads, Teens and kids (even young children) to learn self hypnosis so that they can create healthy desires for plant based food and a desire to exercise.

ChopChop Magazine

ChopChop Mission

ChopChop’s mission is to inspire kids to cook real food with their families. Our vision is to reduce childhood obesity. ChopChop is published by ChopChopKids, Inc., a nonprofit corporation.

The ChopChop Food Philosophy

  • We believe in the simple values of cooking together as family and sharing healthy meals.
  • We don’t do calorie counts or post nutrition content, but everything in this publication is reviewed and approved by our medical and nutrition advisers.
  • We don’t demonize any individual foods.
  • We believe that consuming healthy, wholesome meals is a vital step toward a resolution of America’s obesity epidemic.

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Parents are often busy with work and kids’ after school activities and all too often dinner solution is a trip for fast food. At the Seattle weight loss hypnosis and Bainbridge Island weight loss hypnosis offices of Slender For Life™ I teach families that a healthy lifestyle is a family affair. I love teaching self hypnosis to Mom, Dad and kids all at once and I love teaching them the skills to end their desires for the fast foods and processed foods that make them fat and sick. It is exciting to hear back that young kids and teens are asking for vegetables and fruit as snacks and are choosing salads for school lunch.

I also get really excited when I hear back from families that they have become more active. I love hearing about family hikes, bike rides and trips to the pool.

Kids are naturals as hypnosis so it is easy for children and teens to learn hypnosis. So, Mom and Dad, you too can learn how to hypnotize yourself and get you and your family inspired to cook healthy.

Read Dr. John McDougall’s Formal Report to the State of Florida about Our Largest Source of
Child Abuse: Food


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