Kids can overcome fear of darkness with hypnosis helpHypnosis help is available so your kids can overcome fear of darkness with this hypnosis MP3 download. I was recently asked by a parent if I had a hypnosis recording for kids that were afraid of the dark and if I would work with his son in my office. I told him that I’d be happy to work with his son and that I did not have a recording of my own. I thought for a moment about creating a recording but decided my plate was very full and I didn’t want to commit to another project. I referred the father to Kids Fear of Darkness, one of the quality MP3 downloads from Hypnosis Downloads. Kids Fear of Darkness is one of the quality affiliate products that you can find in the Hypnosis Health Info Store.

Help kids overcome fear of darkness

A hypnotic story to make the dark of night
a friendly place for children

Is fear of darkness keeping your child awake and anxious at night?

Has bedtime become a time of worry and stress rather than a wind down for a good night’s sleep?

Fear of the dark isn’t just a problem for (some) kids, it can trouble adults too. But it’s slightly different for adults because they know rationally, that their darkened bedroom is perfectly safe and there is nothing there. But this knowledge isn’t enough to stop a child’s fear of darkness. So, for children, the challenge is to overcome the gap between what they know and what they feel. (There is a specific download for adults to overcome fear of the dark).

Fear of darkness grows out of a child’s imaginings

A hypnotic story to help kids learn that the
dark is a fine place to be

Kids – Fear of darkness is an audio download created especially for young children by experienced psychologists and story tellers. It tells of a child who wants something very very badly, and the only thing standing in the way of having it is her own fear. As the story unfolds, the heroine learns a wonderful way to master her fears – and so does the listener.

Download Kids Fear of Darkness

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