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I received this email from Suzanne Gwynn at Seattle’s Ladybug House.  I’m honored to help spread the word. Please help the kids and their families at Ladybug House.

The goal of Ladybug House is to build the nation’s 3rd freestanding palliative care and hospice home for children and their families.

Dear Friends,

The other day Ladybug House received this wonderful gift in support of the vision to build WA State’s first palliative care with respite and end of life support for kids and families in need.

Martin Edwards is the director of Julia’s House in the UK he became a friend and mentor when I reached out to him asking how he got Guy Ritchie to donate 1 million dollars and Robert Downey Jr to raise over 2 million to build the 54th home for kids in the UK.

Without any solicitation on my part Martin and his team in the UK created this video #whereisironman can you help us find him please.. he suggested we share EVERYWHERE and if you know ANYONE connected with the companies he mentions see if they can post with coworkers friends, networks, let’s break down the walls and get inside these companies.

If we all work together and share with those we know and ask them to do the same, if YOU ask for help to find a way to build Ladybug House we can do this but it will take ALL of our efforts.

A stranger across the world took his team and hours to create this message for us. I’m  hoping that you find it important enough to take a few moments to  share it.

You have my forever gratitude


About Lady Bug House

As a nonprofit, Ladybug House will offer intermittent stays to families who are caring for their children with life challenging illnesses so they can have time for rest and quality time together.

Ladybug House will have two options for stay: one for the entire family and the other for the child to stay solo. Ladybug House will be an option beyond the hospital or home environment for end-of-life care offering an extra layer of support.

Ladybug House will consist of an interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals, specially trained pediatric staff, and volunteers who provide 24/7 loving care and support.

This care will be provided with no out of pocket cost to the family.

At any given moment in the United States, over 565,000 children are within the
last six months of their lives.

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