Over the years with Slender For Life™ I have met approximately 48 clients who had lap-band or gastric bypass surgery who came into my office weighing more than they did prior to the surgery. I have heard some real horror stories about the side effects and poor results of surgery. These new clients have life long digestive and other medical issues but nothing had changed mentally and emotionally. Hypnosis for weight loss has made the difference for many people to make these necessary mental and emotional changes that allow you to take the weight off and keep it off.

Poor Results From Lap-Band Surgery

Researchers Say Weight Loss From Lap-Band Is Relatively Low

WebMD Health News, March 21, 2011: Long-term results for Lap-Band weight loss surgery are relatively poor, according to a new study from Belgium. Nearly half of the 82 patients followed for 12 years or longer required removal of the bands and about 40% had major complications, the researchers found. The average weight loss was below what experts consider good results. Even so, a majority of the patients in their small study said they were satisfied with the procedure.

Despite that degree of satisfaction, “I think people have exaggerated expectations from the band procedure,” says the researcher. His study findings are ”a reality call.”

* 39% had major complications such as erosion of the band, in which it erodes into the stomach and typically requires removal.
* About 50% required band removal and nearly 60% needed additional procedures.
* Average excess weight loss overall was 42.8% of excess weight after 12 years, but 48% among those who still had their band at the end of follow-up. Greater than 50% is considered a good result, experts say. Overall, 60.3% of patients were satisfied.
* About 6% of patients had type 2 diabetes before band insertion while 14% had diabetes 12 years after their procedure.

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If you are considering lap-band surgery or gastric surgery, I urge you to talk more with your doctor and be sure that this is the route for you. If you have already had this surgery and are one of the many that have gained weight, then give me a call and let talk about your needs and see if hypnosis for weight loss is right for you.

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