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You too can have lasting weight loss hypnosis. How do I know that? 27 years ago I weighed 260 pounds. I lost the weight and I’ve kept it off. Today, I weigh a healthy 135 pounds. Since 1997, I have helped hundreds of people with my Slender For Life™ Hypnosis for Weight Loss program.

How did I and the hundreds of successful people lose weight and keep it off? Weight loss hypnosis and healthy eating. As I lost the weight, I began to exercise. I went from couch potato to running marathons, climbing mountains and now I am a senior citizen and an avid road cyclist.

When I weighed 260 pounds, my blood pressure was high and I was borderline diabetic. Thanks to hypnosis for weight loss my blood pressure and blood sugars are well within healthy normal limits. At my last annual physical, my MD laughed, shook his head and said that he wished all of his patients were as healthy as me.

I am happy to offer you a free weight loss hypnosis consultation. Call me at (760) 219-8079 or send me an email for more information and to schedule. All sessions are via secure telehealth and are available worldwide on your computer, tablet or smart phone. Online telehealth is really easy, all you have to do is click on the link that I will provide you when you schedule your consultation.

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Roger Moore
Before Weight Loss Hypnosis  ●  After Weight Loss Hypnosis

Slender For Life™ Weight Loss Hypnosis Works!

I lost 125 pounds!

Roger Moore ~ STP 2011 Seattle to Portland Bike Ride ~ 204 miles)

Weight loss hypnosis changed my life! I now love to workout and ride my bike, I climbed Mount Rainier and I’ve completed five marathons. Another result of my own journey is that I am passionate about assisting people in getting their excess weight off and keeping it off.

The Slender For Life™ program can work for you too. I am rarely sick, I wear tight fitting clothes, and I now think of myself as a slender person. I am shocked when I see old photos of myself. I love the freedom that I have to hike, run and ride my bike. I have so much energy. Bottom line, I feel so much better about me!

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I have the power to be in control of what I eat,
how much I eat and ultimately my weight.

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