Laughter-based exercise

Recently I’ve been seeing and reading more information about laughter-based exercise. For a number of years Laughter Yoga has been growing in popularity.

The healing effects of laughter are well documented as a powerful antidote to stress, pain, and conflict. Laughter boosts immunity, lowers stress hormones, decreases pain, relaxes your muscles and prevents heart disease.

A recent Oxford study shows that “laughter plays a vital part in raising the body’s level and release of endorphins, and the resulting euphoric and natural feeling often known as ‘runner’s high.’ When your endorphins are kicking, your mind and body are less susceptible to pain, like the strenuous pain you go through during exercise.

Hypnosis for exercise can help you to create your internal desire to get off of the couch and move. Laughter can make it fun. So, get up and move and laugh!

Laughter-based exercise

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Evaluation of a Laughter-based Exercise Program on Health and Self-efficacy for Exercise

The Gerontologist, Volume 57, Issue 6, 10 November 2017, Pages 1051–1061: “Not only is laughter generally considered to be an enjoyable activity; laughter itself is associated with improved physiological and psychological functioning. Physiologically, laughter positively impacts the central nervous, muscular, respiratory, circulatory, endocrine, immune, and cardiovascular systems (Fry, 1986, 1992). The physical act of laughter shares many common benefits associated with exercise (Fry, 1994). A recent literature review confirmed the following physiological benefits of laughter: (1) exercises and relaxes muscles; (2) improves respiration; (3) stimulates circulation; (4) decreases stress hormones; (5) increases immune system defense; (6) elevates pain threshold and tolerance; and (7) enhances mental functioning (Mora-Ripoll, 2011). The physical benefits of laughter are complemented by the scientifically validated psychological effects of laughter, which are summarized as follows: (1) reduces stress, anxiety, tension, and counteracts depressive symptoms; (2) elevates mood, self-esteem, hope, energy, and vigor; (3) enhances memory, creative thinking, and problem solving; (4) improves interpersonal interaction and relationships and increases feelings of bonding; (5) increases friendliness, helpfulness, and builds group identity, solidarity, and cohesiveness; (6) promotes general psychological well-being; (7) improves quality of life and patient care; and (8) intensifies joy and is contagious (Mora-Ripoll, 2011).”

Read Evaluation of a Laughter-based Exercise Program on Health and Self-efficacy for Exercise

The Gerontologist

5 Ways Laughter Can Enhance Your Workout

  • It works your core to release tension
  • It improves your mood to keep going
  • It teaches you to breathe properly
  • It increases your cardio capacity
  • It fights off germs to keep you healthy

Read 5 Ways Laughter Can Enhance Your Workout


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I get up, I move and, I laugh!

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