It’s easy to learn hypnosis and with the holiday stress everyone should be using their self-hypnosis. I know in Seattle and here on Bainbridge Island it’s been cold (seems like much of the country is cold) and managing the cold is another stress during the holidays. Hypnosis is the best way that I know to manage stress of any kind and here at Hypnosis Health Info you can easily learn the Light Switch self-hypnosis technique.

It seems like for most of us this is a busy time of year. There is all the shopping and parties and family events and all the while life still continues at its fast pace. I know that my schedule is very full. In addition to the usual there are several projects in the works. Here is the list:

  • I have decided to make some major changes here at Hypnosis Health Info and you will see a new look this week.
  • I’m working on a Rheumatoid Arthritis hypnosis MP3 download package with Downloads For Change and I have to have last weeks script finished and a new one for Tuesday. We are creating a series of MP3 hypnosis downloads for autoimmune disease
  • I have started Hypnosis Health Info Meetup groups in Seattle and on Bainbridge Island and our first meetings are this week.
  • I am now working with Peninsula Cancer Center and my first public information meeting is January 19 in Poulsbo.
  • I am planning my visit to Forks, Washington (yes – the home of Twilight) for January 12 – 14.
  • January 7 I am holding a public informational meeting here on Bainbridge Island at the Madison Avenue Fire Station.
  • January 9 my Basic Hypnosis Course begins for people who want to learn hypnosis for professional reasons.
  • Yesterday (Saturday) I had Men’s Breakfast from 8:00 – 9:30, the plumber came at 9:30 to install the new hot water heater. Of course what should have been easy turned into a minor disaster. A 10:00 AM phone call to plan the web site move got delayed because of the hot water heater. And then there was a 2:00 meeting to talk with two people about some joint work with cancer recovery and then off to Silverdale to go Christmas shopping. Somewhere in there was hauling the old hot water heater to the dump. What didn’t get done was the firewood and raking leaves. And then there was writing this blog post and getting somethings done here in the house getting ready for dinner guests.

Wow! (excuse me while I take a minute for self-hypnosis). Thank you, I’m much better now!

My intent was that this post on holiday stress be short and brief – but it was helpful and even therapeutic to get all this written down in one place. Its all doable. I’ll still have time for myself, time with my wife, time with my dog and get the gym (too cold to ride outside).

If you want to learn self-hypnosis and manage your stress, then click here on the Light Switch self-hypnosis technique. You are also welcome to visit Roger Moore’s Institute of Hypnotherapy if you want to learn hypnosis and how to hypnotize.

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Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I use hypnosis to manage holiday stress.

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