Learn hypnosis to think yourself into a better youYou can learn hypnosis to think yourself into a better you. Science now tells us that you can re-hardwire your brain and that you can imprint new healthy neural pathways over the old unhealthy pathways. Your brain is ‘plastic’. It has the ability to be shaped or formed by new activity even into old age. Neuroplasticity, or  ‘brain plasticity’, is the changing of neurons and the organization of their networks and function by ‘experience and learning’. The adult brain is not “hard-wired” with fixed circuits. There is solid evidence that the formation of new nerve cells occurs in the adult brain and such changes can persist well into old age.

At Seattle Hypnosis with Roger Moore I teach you the self-hypnosis skills to rewire your brain. Neurohypnosis can help you to lose weight, and help your body to recover from disease and injury as well as enhance performance skills. If you live too far from my Seattle Hypnosis or Bainbridge Hypnosis offices or are unable to travel, meet me online and together we will create a program for you.

Can You Think Yourself
Into a Different Person?

Neuroscience News, November 17, 2015:

It’s easy, and perhaps even fun, to be cynical about all this. But neuroplasticity really is a remarkable thing. “What we do know is that almost everything we do, all our behaviour, thoughts and emotions, physically change our brains in a way that is underpinned by changes in brain chemistry or function,” says Robertson. “Neuroplasticity is a constant feature of the very essence of human behaviour.” This understanding of the brain’s power, he says, opens up new techniques for treating a potentially spectacular array of illnesses. “There’s virtually no disease or injury, I believe, where the potential doesn’t exist for very intelligent application of stimulation to the brain via behaviour, possibly combined with other stimulation.”

Does he agree that the power of positive thinking has now gained scientific credibility? “My short answer is yes,” he says. “I do think human beings have much more control over their brain function than has been appreciated.” The long answer is: yes, but with caveats. First there’s the influence of our genes. Surely, I ask Robertson, they still hold a powerful influence over everything from our health to our character? “My own crude rule of thumb is a 50–50 split in terms of the influence of nature and that of nurture,” he says. “But we should be very positive about that 50 per cent that’s environmental.”

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Imagine if you changed your thoughts and your emotions so that you improved your immune system to help your body recover from disease and injury. Imagine letting go of old thoughts and behaviors and creating healthy new ones. Imagine living your life feeling good. Imagine if you were to learn self-hypnosis so that your auto pilot thinking was calm and enhanced your performance skills. Imagine living your life healthy, relaxed and achieving your goals. You can live your life brimming with energy and overflowing with joy. If this is what you want in your life, call or email me now.

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