I just spent the weekend teaching the first two days  of Basic Hypnotherapy in my hypnotherapy school. I really do love teaching and I learn so much about hypnosis each time that I teach it – even from teaching Basic Hypnotherapy. For me, teaching even the Basic course is what Steven Covey calls sharpening the saw. I refine my skills as a hypnotherapist and it forces me to go back and revisit the roots of my profession.

Each student is a great gift to me. I watch them take risks, I watch them be vulnerable, I watch them make mistakes and sometimes laugh at themselves and some times get frustrated. I see myself in the students and recognize my limits – my boundaries – those invisible barriers, boundaries of my mind that are my comfort zone. I recognize where I hide out in the comfort zone and I can see where I have risked stepping out of that comfort and allowed for my growth.

I draw energy from clients and from students. Standing on my feet and having to be on for two full days is tiring but watching students progress from their first experience of inducing trance to their most recent induction before left today is truly rewarding and energizing. I love what I do.

I came home and got to play dollies in a closet with my 3 year old grand daughter. It was a very humbling experience because I did not do it right. Her mommy & daddy have been away at a wedding and she has spent the last five nights with us. Her mommy will be here in the morning to pick her up and her Tutu and I will surely miss her. How house will be so quiet. It is such blessing to have her as one of my teachers. Thank you God! After a weekend like this, its time to do The Gratitude Dance!