I’m a bit tired right now – and it’s only noon! I had the pleasure of being a guest at a LeTip Power Breakfast this morning where my Slender For Life associate Craig Sigl was a gold sponsor. I had the pleasure of telling over 300 people about hypnosis and it’s many uses including weight loss. I talked many individuals about self-hypnosis and the various therapeutic uses of hypnotherapy including Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, back pain and sports performance.

Living on an island has its drawbacks when  I have to be 15 miles north of downtown Seattle by 6 AM – it meant getting up at 3:15 AM to be on the 4:45 AM ferry to Seattle. I get to do it again tomorrow. It is really exciting to be able to share with so many about the power of the mind and how they can use hypnosis to reclaim their life. I am so glad that I know how to use self-hypnosis to give me the energy I need to get me through the rest of my day!