OK, folks, let’s move to end childhood obesity. The Seattle weight loss, Bainbridge Island weight loss and now Forks weight loss offices of Slender For Life™ are passionate about ending childhood obesity. Everyone, let’s join together and make our kids health a national priority. Weight loss hypnosis can help children, parents and even whole families.

It is always good to be in Twilight country – the people of Forks have been so gracious and welcoming. I am excited to be able to now come to Forks, WA on a monthly basis.

I was appalled to read a study suggesting that teens should have lap band surgery. I understand that the quick fix of surgery is more effective than most weight loss program out there, but the life long changes required mentally and emotionally do not occur with surgery. Surgery is a temporary band aid. Many teens and younger children have had success with Slender For Life™ and I believe that the changes can be for their life time. Read Surgery Better Than Diet, Exercise In Obese Teens and let me know what you think about teens having lap band surgery.

I don’t care what your politics are, childhood obesity is not Republican, Democratic, Tea Party or any other political affiliation. It is time that we set politics aside and get behind Michelle and President Obama and work to end childhood obesity. You can learn more about America’s move to raise a healthier generation of kids at Let’s Move.

Leave me a comment telling me what you are willing to do to putting an end to childhood obesity.

On February 10, 2009, I met with staff at the Bogachiel Clinic and with the medical staff of the Forks Community Hospital and talked with them about the benefits of hypnosis for recovery, health and wellness.

I will now be seeing clients in Forks, WA, on a monthly basis. Clients will also be coming  to Bainbridge Island for sessions and we will have telephone and internet sessions as well.

At my Seattle weight loss, Bainbridge Island weight loss and Forks weight loss offices of Slender For Life™ I teach clients of any age weight loss hypnosis. It is safe, powerful and puts you in control of you.

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Let’s move to end childhood obesity.

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