Let’s talk about grief

Grief is an ever-evolving set of emotions, and we shouldn’t hide from that, writes Molly Furey.

I’ve come to understand that grief is not something that passes or that we move through. My experience is that grief is something that you experience and it stays with you throughout your life – you learn to walk with it.

Sure, it changes, it evolves, but it is always there.

Over the years I have witnessed people trying to stuff and deny grief and how it harms their relationships and life. And, I have had the honor of helping people with hypnosis for grief find the calm strength to live life joyfully while honoring the one they have lost.

Hypnosis can help you to walk with grief and reach a stage where you can enjoy the memories of your loved one without being overcome by the pain of missing them.

Let’s talk about grief

Grief is a Part of Life. It’s Time We Learned to Talk About It

“This realisation – that there is no expiry date on grief, no finish line – is a daunting one”

“You don’t release all of your emotions at the funeral, or on the anniversary or on their birthday, and then turn them off like a tap”

“There’s a “this too shall pass” mentality when it comes to grief. Admittedly, it is a source of great comfort in the beginning: initial pangs of loss and loneliness, I was assured, would only be temporary. The idea that “this too shall pass” became a beacon of hope in the otherwise dismal, dreary surroundings of grief.”

In retrospect, I can see how misguided this advice is. It’s a kind of “get out of jail free” card to confronting your emotions. Grief is not something that “will pass”, nor is it something that will “hit you” and then go away. Rather it is an ever-evolving set of emotions that stays with you throughout your life – it follows you everywhere you go and it will mean something different at each new phase.

“And to the grievers: I urge you to run and to share. Grief can be an alienating experience. Every person is different and thus, the loss of one, and the processing of this loss by another is an entirely unique and incomparable combination. No one is meant to know exactly how you feel, and you shouldn’t expect them to. But be willing to share. Grief is an inevitable fact of life – it’s time we learned how to talk about it.”

From: Grief is a Part of Life. It’s Time We Learned to Talk About It

Molly Furey

Senior Editor, UT - Ireland's largest student newspaper

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