Letting go of the results has been a theme this past week in my Seattle hypnosis, Bainbridge Island hypnosis and Skype hypnosis sessions. It seems that people are experiencing lots of stress trying to hold on to what was rather than grow into what is and what is evolving. I don’t know about you, but I often resist change. I want what I know and what is familiar to me. Change requires faith in the unknown and that can be really scarey. Resisting change is an absolute guarantee that you will experience stress. When we flow with change, we allow for things to be far greater than we ever dared dream or even imagine. Letting Go Of The Results is this weeks featured article from the Hypnosis Health Info Article Library.

Letting Go Of The Results

I am reminded of the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea does not let go of its water. There is no outlet. Water flows in and stagnates. There is no life. A healthy system receives and gives. If we are focused only on our beliefs of how things should be and hold on to everything, we stagnate and die. I remember times in my life where I was not open to receiving and I was totally focused on what I thought I was giving. (These are the times I have lived in unworthiness). By only having outflows, I quickly became like Death Valley, drying up with nothing more to give. Healthy systems have inflow and outflow. They receive and they give. They breathe in and they breathe out. To give, we must let go. To receive, we must have room for and be open to the receiving.

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If you are experiencing the stress of resisting change hypnosis stress control can help you to relax and breathe. When you let go of the results you can be open to change and allow for things to be better.

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I am open to change.

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