Roger Moore

One of the best definitions of stress that I have ever heard is “telling God how to do his job”. I must admit that most days I do try to win God over to my way of doing things and to the way that I want them done. And, of course when I don’t get what I want, exactly as I wanted it and when I wanted it, then I get myself into a dither. And then there are those times where God lets me have my way and I get what I want only to discover that now I have a whole new set of stressors to deal with. What I know in my head (I obviously don’t always go with what I know) is that when I make a request and trust God to deliver it, I will get it much bigger and better than I could have ever imagined. Throughout my day, I pray, meditate and use self-hypnosis. I describe prayer as my talking to God, meditation is the time that I listen to God and self-hypnosis is me talking with me. You see, I use hypnosis to quiet my mind, to relax and to let go so that I can be in a space to trust God and so I truly can let go of the results and be open to receiving the abundance that is available to me. Letting Go Of The Results is this weeks featured article in the Hypnosis Health Info Article Library.

Letting Go Of The Results

As I continued my journey on these revolving stairs, I recalled another morning soon after the fire on this same stair mill. A quote had been torn from a magazine and left on the control panel. This gift from God read: “What is to give light must endure burning” (Victor Frankl). What a description of letting go of the form! I can’t keep the match and light the fire. Could it be that I was so focused on my beliefs of how things should be? Was I so tied to the form that I had no room to receive?

By letting go of the form and contents of my office, I have been open to receive the generosity of the people of Bainbridge Island. My counseling practice is not exactly as I had envisioned, it’s more! It’s becoming something greater than I could have imagined.

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While I don’t pretend to have “figured out” what it means to let go of the results, my understanding is deepening. I have been richly blessed. Self-hypnosis allows to to remember that things will never be the same. They are better! Let go of your stress by using hypnosis to quiet your mind so that you can stop telling God how to do his job.

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