The 4th of July is the day in the U.S. that we celebrate our liberty. It is a day of parades, family picnics and fireworks.

To me, the Greatest Expression of You process is all about creating liberty in your life. Being your Best Self is all about breaking away from the tyranny of destructive thoughts, the emotions of anger, hurt, fear and sadness and the resulting behaviors that are anything but your Best Self.

Today, I invite you to use self-hypnosis to remind yourself who it is you are becoming and create liberty in your life.

Have a fun, abundant, healthy and safe holiday!

Holiday week

We have our major summer holiday on July 4th here in the U.S. My posts this week will be blasts from the past. The images that I use will be from past posts, but each day there will be a new Hypnosis Health Info Suggestion for Today.

I will be in Colorado visiting my 96-year-old Mom July 3 – 10. I will be back in the office on July 11.

I will have both phone and email available so feel free to call or email me. Have a wonderful week! Get out and play and be safe!

Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I create liberty by being the Greatest Expression of Me!

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