by Okka Holthuis D.N.M.

Okka Holthuis

Okka Holthuis

I was introduced to the healing arts of energy work during a phase in my life, in which I had reached such a state of imbalance that it was called Dis-Ease. My journey began in Germany through the work of a Health Practitioner who used a hands-on method called Regenesis. Because I felt that the shifts that took place within me occurred not only on a physical level, but also on an emotional and mental level I became very curious and interested in energy based healing modalities.

For years I studied several different approaches to the expanded awareness of energy and health like Regenesis, Reiki, Homeopathy, Kinesiology, Acupressure, Reflexology. As a result of these years of intense training and my personal evolution I developed the LuxMani Energy System, based on the understanding that everything is energy and that we are all connected. The name LuxMani combines Lux as Light and Mani for Hands.

Many practitioners who have taken my classes refer to LuxMani as their tool-box. Depending on what is most beneficial for their clients during a session they choose one, two or more of the different techniques available to support the balancing process of the physical as well as the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Using LuxMani we attune to the universal energies of the Seven Healing Rays of Light and the many different Light Beings related to each ray, learning to be a channel for these energies. Other techniques serve to stimulate the healing on the cellular level, to balance the Chakra system and the Aura, to clear emotional stress, or to tap into past life issues, to name a few.

Since LuxMani is based upon universal energy and connectivity, this modality also incorporates remote healing techniques, as well as working with animals and plants. Even if you do not work with clients professionally you may have the desire to make a difference, and you can use LuxMani to support the healing process on this planet and support Mother Earth.

In the following exercise, I would like to invite you to participate in a journey into one of the rooms in the Rainbow House of Mirrors.

Just take a few deep breaths and relax deeply, getting ready for a wonderful journey.

And as you relax imagine you stand at the base of a wide, golden staircase. High above glistens a wonderful blue crystal cathedral.

At the bottom of the staircase your Guardian Angel awaits you, smiling at you. You feel safe and all is well.

Your Angel invites you to walk up the stairs. You are astonished how easy it is to walk up all these stairs. It almost feels like flying. And a feeling of joy is rising inside of you.

The closer you come to the top of the staircase the brighter the light of the blue cathedrals seems to become.

At the top of the stairs you can see another Light Being standing in the entrance to the cathedral. While this Light Being is smiling at you, you can sense in all your being the love poured out to you. And within your heart you hear this Being saying:

“Hello, I am so glad that you came, I have been waiting for you. My name is AnAn, and I am here today to serve and accompany you. I will always be near you, assuring your complete safety, security and peace. What you are about to experience is a journey within yourself. All and everything you will see or learn is related to yourself. When you open your heart for this journey you will discover how wonderful you are and how much light you are. And the deeper you let the insights sink in, the deeper the understanding will be.”

You know you can trust AnAn, she turns towards the Cathedral and in the same moment the portal doors open and you can see inside.

All is illuminated in a wonderful blue light. You are in awe. AnAn guides you towards a door that seems to glow in an even more intensive blue and encourages you to open this door.

Just by touching the door, it opens immediately and you enter into a beautifully illuminated room made out of blue mirrors.

You are curious and you watch closely what you can discover about yourself in these blue mirrors, and may be you might discover something you not have been aware of before.

Take all the time you need. And when you feel that it is time to leave this wonderful blue room you do.

At the door AnAn and your Angel are waiting for you.

AnAn walks you to the golden staircase and says:

“You can come back here any time. I will always be here for you. My blessings go with you wherever you are.”

Your Angel is accompanying you while descending the stairways. You would have loved staying in this Cathedral of a bit longer, but you know that there are things to do and so – filled with gratitude, love and new insights- you joyfully start your way down. And with every step you take you become more and more aware again of the present moment.

Holding within all the wonderful awarenesses and feelings you have discovered. And these awarenesses and feelings may continue to expand within you.

Okka Holthuis, born in Germany, founder of Rainbow Healing Center based in West Palm Beach, Florida, is a Doctor of Natural Medicine, carries a German degree as Health Practitioner, is a certified Hypnotist and Spiritual Counselor and has dedicated her life to supporting others improve their life’s’ situation. Okka’s approach is holistic and based on the understanding that:

  • everything is energy
  • we are whole and perfect already
  • we all have all the wisdom within all the time.

Okka’s intention in individual sessions, classes and workshops is to create a space where you feel supported and cared for and therefore may step into a place of higher awareness to find your guidance within.

And when it feels appropriate, Okka will offer to use her intuitive abilities to bring deeper understanding and insights to the situation.

In addition to all certified training, Okka has studied alternative methods of healing, including Kinesiology, Past Life Regression, Homeopathy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Bach-Flower Therapy, Color-Therapy, Aroma-Therapy, Crystal-Therapy, Reiki and Regenesis. She has also developed her own energy based healing technique LuxMani. She teaches LuxMani classes – as well as other classes related to the field of Energy Medicine and Metaphysics – throughout the United States and Europe.

You can hear Okka Holthuis on Hypnosis Health Radio, Show #23, October 7, 2008. Also read Ripple-Effect.

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